Berlin Decadence
Twitter @InesitaDaSilva

A few weeks ago Inésita's male ego and partner partied all night at Berlin’s infamous KitKatClub and boy, what an experience! We went on a tip from a local and certainly played our part in the CarneBall Bizarre. From the moment we stepped inside we were in seventh heaven. Our interest: the female clientele. Folks of all ages wore BDSM gear, pvc and leather, pussycat uniforms etc. Items from H&M’s new lingerie range already liked by the missus were on display. Because that’s really all most wore; their underwear (if that). It became a job to keep our hands to ourselves as their owners worked out to electrotechno.

We flirted with the club’s denizens from its dance floor to its chill-out area, cages and bars, before finding our own little playroom for 'recreation.' 

Playwright, Gerhart Hauptmann, was so right when he said: “Berlin is splendid…Berlin is life.” Even if he wrote that over a hundred years ago. So little has changed, we thought. Just like its lovers.

(Jan. 2016)