The Dressing Room

The dressing room is the place where a theatre’s cast members apply wig, make-up and change into costumes. But Inésita’s dressing room is special: it's where you can go backstage and play “fly on the wall!”

Like any true girl, when you spot a stylishly dressed woman sashay down the high street you're inspired! “The Dressing Room” is your chance to visit this tall girl’s high street - online! With hundreds of outfits dating back to 2004, Inésita’s best costume racks have now been given the virtual make-over. Today they bulge with cool guises that will suit almost any trend, season or occasion.

Select from either of the pull-down menus below and/or enter more general terms in the free text field to see Inésita (180cm/70kg) model costumes in her dressing room mirror! Alternatively, rummage through her entire wardrobe's dresses, tops, skirts or shoes to see if there’s something that has you especially charmed. You can also combine different apparel to see whether Inésita agrees the combination works. Then download the outfits you like best in a .pdf file for future reference!

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