Inésita very much values your feedback and is happy to respond to your questions, as long as they are of a discreet and inoffensive nature! If demand warrants it, your queries may in time become part of a frequently asked questions list, and in turn a useful resource for gender dysphoric persons.

Your positive comments to date have included the following:

- Is that your wife?
- I wouldn’t recognise you (which is a compliment I guess?)
- Who’s that girl in the pictures?
- Given you are a boy, you look bloody good!
- A few women would envy you!
- I’d love to go through your wardrobe!
- Just one comment: Flawless!
- Beautiful girl! Beautiful boy?
- I’m jealous of your breasts :)
- You are the highlight of my life
- You really deserve to have been born a woman!!!
- You look better as a girl than as a boy

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