Why Cross-dress?

Cross-dressing is creative, challenging, an illusion, an act, an art, a turn-on, liberation, an escape, a drug, a substitute and a hobby. The male physique makes an interesting canvas upon which to impose a female figure. I adore the challenge (and perverseness) of masquerading as a girl. Yet being Inésita also feels incredibly natural. It’s when I feel most whole and at peace with myself.

If society would accept folks of all backgrounds and orientations, Inésita would be outdoors far more often. (Although I accept an employer and its workforce — never mind a girlfriend — would be challenged by a colleague or partner whose gender could change unpredictably from day to day).

The team behind TransGender Europe are doing a great job in working closely with international bodies to eliminate gender discrimination and ensure universal freedom of expression. However, there is much still to be done in working with governments, the media and society.

But back to me, flicking through Elle or Marie Claire, there are many fashion icons’, stars’ or stylists’ comments which seem to describe well why I enjoy dressing up as a girl.