The list includes useful and informative reads on the subject of transgenderism and cross-dressing (Last updated: 2009).

- Male-femaling: A Grounded Theory Approach to Cross-Dressing and Sex-Changing. Richard Ekins, Routledge, 1996
- My Husband Betty: Love, Sex and Life with a Crossdresser. Helen Boyd, Thunders Mouth Press, 2003
- The Way Out Tranny Guide (“The Bible of the Transgendered World”), Way Out Publishing
- The Lazy Crossdresser. Charles Anders, Greenery Press, 2002
- True Selves: Understanding Transsexualism. Mildred L.Brown and Chloe Ann Rounsley, Jossey Bass, 2003
- Unzipping Gender: Sex, Cross-Dressing and Culture. Charlotte Suthrell. Berg, 2004
- Speaking As A Woman. Alison Laing. Creative Design Services, 1997
- The Voice Sourcebook. Stephanie Martin & Lyn Darnley. Speechmark Publishing, 1997
- Face Forward. Kevyn Aucoin, Little, Brown and Company, 2000
- Making Faces. Gena Rowlands and Kevyn Aucoin, Little, Brown and Company, 1997
- The Naked Woman. Desmond Morris, Vintage, 2005
- The Transgender Phenomenon. Richard Ekins and Dave King, Sage, 2006