Why the Dressing Room toolkit?

Anna Shephard, Times writer and ecowarrior wrote once in Elle magazine:

“If I spent time organizing my clothes and trying out different combinations, I’d be less tempted to make a beeline for the shops every time a [party] invitation landed in my letterbox.”

What Inésita has done is to note every costume combination she's ever relished and then model it, photograph it, and catalogue the best results. Over time her "Dressing Room" has become her "best-friend" for finding costumes for any season, occasion or trend.

But its contents - now numbering almost 1000 outfits - will hopefully appeal to all fashionistas, designers and stylists. This is because Inésita has put her knowledge and experiences online, so that anyone can now look up different apparel or find a costume for a unique occasion.

"Fashion is of course a personal thing" says Inésita, "but I have always made a conscious effort to try new styles and diversify my wardrobe. Today it encompasses the whole gamut of apparel that will befit most girls, but especially transwomen and cross-dressers who walk tall at 180cm and weigh around 70 kilos like me!"

See for yourself, by searching through her wardrobe! You'll find everything from mini to pencil skirts, shorts to trousers and bolero's to kimonos. There are jumper dresses and tunics, all kinds of hosiery (stockings, tights, leggings) and accessories such as hats, sunglasses and even latex knickers! Inésita hopes it is useful to all who search it and feedback is always welcome!