Why “Inésita da Silva”?

Inésita (i-nesi-ta, in(e)-sita) is the diminutive form of Inés, which is mainly used in Spain. Its origins lie in the name “Hagne,” which is Greek and means "Holy." It is a very rare female first name (the name Ines ranked 976th in popularity for females of all ages in a sample of the 1990 US Census). The name was discovered in a book called “The Bride from Odessa.” Inès of my soul is an exciting tale by Isabel Allende. It tells the story of a daring Spanish woman who helped found modern-day Chile, more or less forgotten now by history.

Da Silva is Portuguese, meaning “of the forest.” I discovered that one while attempting to purchase a beautiful piece of lingerie made by “da Silva designs.” Sadly they went bankrupt before I got my hands on their wares!

The website of a transgendered male that offers a unique costume database called Vogue.