Meet Inésita

Being feminine is a childhood dream, come true. A career in acting was also a dream, until the age of about 16.

Perhaps “he” should have been born a “she,” but by various twists of fate, Inésita’s male-ego first experienced the great pleasure of becoming a dad then a husband. A knowledge manager (librarian in old-fashioned speak), her male persona has put his skills to noble use since 1995 in Budapest, Hungary for the benefit of civil society and the environment. 

Inésita herself was conceived in 2004 thanks to a tip-off from Buenos Aires-born writer Edgardo Cozarinsky, although truthfully she’s been "birthing" since the age of six or so. Both egos are demand-driven, highly motivated, creative and result-oriented.

Inésita’s favourite haunts include the theatre and cinema, naturally the shops, as well as Transgender Europe, through which she campaigns for transgender rights. Perhaps her best moments though are performing on her own "stage" within Keith's Theatre, with her very understanding partner as the audience.

Frequently asked questions are now answered online. If you would like to post a question, feel free to drop Inésita a message here.