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Back in Business
“18 months offline thanks to ill-communication then cybersquatters.” So read @InesitaDaSilva’s first Tweet. It’s been a long and sometimes frustrating wait having being ‘robbed’ of the domain following a communication mix-up over the site’s migration to a new server in spring 2013. The site at www.inesitadasilva.com then slipped into a so-called ‘redemption period.' But after the former server manager advised Inésita to let it go rather than share the USD 75 fee to repurchase it, someone else snuck in and claimed the address! Read more.. (Oct. 2014)

What Lies Beneath
Astonishingly it's been 15 months since Inésita surfaced. Yet as I get dressed every morning and open her wardrobe door, there are twinges of regret that I am not her more often. With a sigh of resignation, I content myself with lace or string undies made for men. I still love my kink, just I don't have much time for cross-dressing nowadays. What could possibly consign Inésita to the wardrobe? Read more.. (May 2013)

Belgian Diversity Campaign a Step in the Right DirectionBelgian Diversity Campaign
In 2002, Charles Anders, published 'The Lazy Crossdresser.' It’s a bible for those who want to cut corners when getting dolled up. However, the concept is one I've struggled with for the best part of my last ten years as Inésita. Why? Because any male-to-female cross-dresser simply cannot afford to be 'lazy' if she wants to 'pass.' Imagine my surprise then when I stepped out of the metro last week in one of Europe’s most diverse cultural melting pots that is Brussels and am struck by a campaign poster in which two of the happiest-looking cross-dressers smile down at me! Read more.. (Nov. 2012)

I ♥ Being A Girl

Inspirations‘Inspirations’ is a collection of short stories authored by girls and young women intent on challenging stereotypes and achieving their goals. Published earlier in 2012 as an e-book by the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) through its ‘Girls Decide’ programme, the assemblage was the result of a project and website called ‘I ♥ Being A Girl.’ Inésita’s own story was included based on a piece she originally wrote for a postcard series called 'My World,' reflecting the struggle faced in being a transgender girl within a society where “for a boy to look like a girl is degrading.” Read more.. (Oct. 2012)

Fourth European Transgender Council, Dublin, Ireland
The fourth European Transgender Council took place at Dublin City University in Ireland between 7-9 September 2012. Further information about the conference whose theme is "Trans Rights Now. Realising Recognition, Respect and Equality" is available at the council website. The event was kindly organized by Transgender Equality Ireland (TENI) on behalf of the European transgender community. TransGender Europe is their umbrella organization and works towards improved legislation for trans people, raising awareness of trans people and their issues and to empowering trans people themselves. The event’s organization is supported and overseen by TransGender Europe’s Steering Committee, who hosted their general assembly on the Saturday afternoon of the Council and elected a new Steering Committee and two co-Chairs to its Executive Board. The program is available and you can email: membership [at] tgeu.org if you are interested in becoming a formal member of TGEU. (Sept. 2012)

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